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Suspect charges at clerical assistant as court appearance goes awry (VIDEO)

By ethan / October 14, 2017

A man may now be facing further charges after attempting to tackle a judicial assistant during a court appearance in Washington state.

Footage of the incident posted on the Pierce County Sheriff Department’s Facebook page Friday shows the suspect sitting quietly next to his lawyer before, apparently without provocation, charging at a woman performing clerical duties at another desk.

As onlookers run from the courtroom, and correctional officers move to tackle the man, his lawyer remains steadfast, seemingly unimpressed with his client’s behavior.

In a statement posted along with the video, Pierce County Police described the suspect as a “Level III sex offender,” and commended its corrections deputies for their swift intervention.

“One of our corrections deputies chased after the suspect, grabbed his suit jacket and pulled him away as the judicial assistant fled from her desk toward a safe area,” the statement read.

“The corrections deputy tackled the suspect and took him into custody for the destruction of property.”

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According to King County Assault Center, a Level III sex offender is classed as someone who poses a high risk of re-offending within the community at large.

The suspect is said to have caused up to $ 1,000 worth of damage after smashing a monitor and throwing other clerical equipment to the ground during the tussle with the deputies.

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