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Shocking discovery: Face-tattoos lower your chances of landing a job

By ethan / June 10, 2018

Think twice before you get a tattoo, if you want to get employed one day. That’s the advice from London-based international market researcher YouGov, which carried out a comprehensive survey on the issue among work-givers. The results of the research showed that face tattoos are the most likely to scare employers away from a candidate, […]


Inflation in Russia lower than America's for first time in history

By ethan / March 16, 2018

Low inflation is not always good for the economy. However, for Russia, whose economy has been dominated by skyrocketing inflation after the collapse of the Soviet Union, it’s a good sign. Inflation in Russia now stands at 2.18 percent, and for the first time ever it is lower than US inflation, which is currently 2.2 […]


Russian lower house ratifies deal to expand naval base in Syria’s Tartus

By ethan / December 21, 2017

Published time: 21 Dec, 2017 07:45 Edited time: 21 Dec, 2017 08:16 Russian lawmakers approved an agreement to expand the Tartus naval refueling facility in Syria into a fully-fledged naval base capable of harboring nuclear-powered ships, following the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria. The deal was submitted to the lower house of the Russian […]


Russian lower house bans reporters representing ‘foreign-agent’ media outlets

By ethan / December 6, 2017

Published time: 6 Dec, 2017 09:04 Edited time: 6 Dec, 2017 09:10 Russian lawmakers have passed a motion officially barring reporters working for media outlets recognized as foreign agents from entering the lower house of the country’s parliament as a symmetrical response to sanctions applied to RT in the US. The motion, prepared by the […]


Russian lower house to ban access to all US reporters – lawmaker

By ethan / December 1, 2017

Published time: 1 Dec, 2017 11:03 The head of the State Duma Regulations Committee has said that the Russian Lower House will ban all visits by journalists working for US mass media. This is in reply to the US Congress’s hostile moves towards Russia’s RT America television. Read more “By our decision we are offering […]


Lower House committee passes bill on protection for citizens reporting corruption

By ethan / November 23, 2017

Published time: 23 Nov, 2017 15:12 The State Duma Committee for Security and Countering Corruption has approved a draft law offering state protection to those who reveal facts of corruption to law enforcement agencies. The bill will now progress to the first reading in the Duma. Read more The bill, developed by the Labor Ministry […]

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