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Mysterious loud boom shakes Oklahoma, locals report green and orange flashes

By ethan / March 14, 2018

Residents across Oklahoma and Texas were jostled from their daily routines after hearing a loud boom Tuesday afternoon. Many were left scratching their heads and watching the skies for the source of the explosive phenomenon. While the US Geological Survey has not reported any earthquakes in the region, the National Weather Services in Norman, Oklahoma […]


Meteor lights up night sky, rattles Michigan with ‘loud boom’ (VIDEOS)

By ethan / January 17, 2018

Residents in several cities across Michigan reported seeing a bright and colorful flash travel through the sky before hearing a loud boom. The US Department of Homeland Security confirmed that it was a meteor fireball. Numerous videos recorded by security cameras and dashcams in the Metro-Detroit area and surrounding cities Tuesday night show a flash […]


Unexplained loud 'booms' rattling houses puzzle southern Arizona

By ethan / November 30, 2017

Published time: 30 Nov, 2017 13:39 Residents of southern Arizona are baffled by mysterious booms being felt and heard across the southern part of the state, which have caused the ground to shake and pets to tremble. No one seems to have an explanation for the weird occurrences. The spooky events happened two nights in […]

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