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Child abuser who bought girl back on streets after parents win lottery

By ethan / November 10, 2018

What would you do if you won the lotto? The question often inspires people to fantasize about world trips and private jets. But a Texas couple had a different answer. They used the money to bail their child-abuser son out of jail. Registered sex offender Jason Wayne Carlile was being held at the Wichita County […]


Lottery entrants expecting $1,000 win shocked to discover $1mn windfall

By ethan / February 2, 2018

An Indiana couple who thought they’d won $ 1,000 were stunned at lottery headquarters when they found out they actually scooped $ 1 million. Cindy Ooley had already accepted the check and was being interviewed about her winnings when her husband Steve noticed that there were a lot more zeros than the couple was expecting. […]

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