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'Trade war to produce only losers,’ French minister warns US

By ethan / July 22, 2018

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has bashed a recently started “trade war,” warning that no one will benefit from it. He said France will not negotiate a free trade agreement with the US while its tariffs are in force. “We refuse to negotiate with a gun to our head,” Le Maire told reporters on […]


German companies end up losers in US sanctions game with Russia

By ethan / April 26, 2018

German firms working in Russia face huge financial losses from the latest round of US sanctions against Russia, the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce has warned. “In a worst-case scenario, the losses of the companies could amount to almost €1.5 billion,” the trade lobby said. The entire German business set-up in Russia is being held hostage, […]


Scorpions & giant rabbits the real losers in bizarre year of commercial airline travel

By ethan / January 2, 2018

The safest year on record for commercial airline passengers was 2017, with no recorded deaths from accidents. American air travellers did, however, endure some disturbing and bizarre incidents – and at least one rabbit perished. The data comes from Dutch aviation consulting firm To70 and the Aviation Safety Network. US President Donald Trump has been […]

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