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‘That’s how you lose elections!’ Arizona lawmakers mocked for seeing porn as ‘public health crisis’

By ethan / February 10, 2019

In their struggle against porn, Arizona lawmakers are going a bit too far, some online users have warned, after officials endorsed fighting pornography as a dire public health crisis which causes mental and physical illnesses. Republican lawmakers in Arizona are under fire over their –possibly overzealous– attempt to root out pornography in the state. This […]


Pilot 'did not completely lose control' of Sala plane, aviation expert suggests

By ethan / February 9, 2019

The pilot of the plane containing Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala may have had some degree of control of the flight as it crashed into the English Channel, according to an aviation expert. The plane’s pilot, Dave Ibbotson, is still missing after the wreckage of the Piper 46 Malibu plane was discovered near the Channel […]


Russian metal tycoons lose billions after govt proposes tax hike

By ethan / August 13, 2018

The wealth of some of Russia’s richest shrunk on Monday following a suggestion by presidential aide Andrey Belousov to raise taxes on the country’s largest metals companies. In a letter to President Vladimir Putin on August 9, Belousov mentioned 14 metal companies that could pay more taxes in Russia. According to him, the tax rate […]


Apple & US technology majors may lose third of their value – expert

By ethan / July 31, 2018

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google parent Alphabet may potentially fall in value by up to 40 percent, says an analyst following the recent drop demonstrated by the so-called FAANG stocks. According to the editor of the Bear Traps Report Larry McDonald, US high-tech stocks are turning into risky assets. “These are stocks you want […]


US on track to lose trade war with China – economist Stephen Roach

By ethan / July 12, 2018

The trade war between the United States and China is unlikely to bring Washington any good results, says Yale University Senior Fellow and former Morgan Stanley Asia chair Stephen Roach. Read more “Trade wars are not easy to win. They’re easy to lose, and the US is on track to lose this trade war,” Roach […]

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