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Ex-insurance agent known as ‘Lord Voldermort’ faces prison for harassing clients

By ethan / January 30, 2019

A Singapore court has sentenced an insurance agent to 29 months in prison for threatening his clients and demanding payment in bitcoin. He posed online as fictional characters such as ‘Lord Voldermort’ and the Hulk’s alter ego. Ye Lin Myint, a 36 year-old Myanmar national and Singapore permanent resident apparently hit hard times at Prudential, […]


From cocaine to crypto: Drug lord Pablo Escobar's brother launches bitcoin spinoff

By ethan / March 22, 2018

The brother of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, Roberto, is launching his own digital token. He was once an accountant for the Medellin cocaine cartel. Read more The cryptocurrency, named diet bitcoin, is one of the numerous bitcoin spin-offs, and, like other spin-offs, claims to be better than the original. “The value will be very […]


UK Lord slams Western ‘deliberate aim to demonize Russia’ & urges dialogue

By ethan / February 6, 2018

A Member of the UK House of Lords, Richard Balfe, says Russia and the West should restart dialogue to overcome the spiking level of mistrust and suspicion which is now “completely out of hand.” “I think there’s a deliberate aim to demonize Russia at the moment, it’s as though they need to search around for […]


It’s time to end ‘misinformation’ aimed at Russia, declares British lord

By ethan / January 31, 2018

The House of Lords has been asked by one of its own to boost ties with Russia. Viscount Waverley said he had grown concerned by “ill-informed” rhetoric and “misinformation and polarization” aimed at Moscow. On Monday, Waverley told the House of Lords that “at a time of escalating rhetoric…relations with Russia must command our attention.” […]

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