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Blue wave? Democrats win House, but it looks more like a trickle

By ethan / November 7, 2018

Democrats may have won control of the House of Representatives, but the promised ‘blue wave’ to wash away President Donald Trump hasn’t quite arrived. Democrats have already surpassed the 23 seats they need to win control of the House of Representatives, flipping 26 seats to the Republicans’ two as the day came to a close […]


Russia looks to eliminate US dollar from trade with African countries – official

By ethan / October 29, 2018

Russian corporations are ready to find an alternative to the greenback in mutual settlements with countries of the African continent, according to the chairman of the Russia-Zimbabwe Business Council, Dmitry Mazepin. “I think, it is possible to use other currencies in Africa,” Mazepin, who is also a co-owner of Russia’s largest fertilizer manufacturers, Uralchem and […]


‘Even when we do it, it looks stupid’: Ex-Top Gear hosts Clarkson & May try out UK PM’s robo-dance

By ethan / October 4, 2018

Published time: 4 Oct, 2018 06:33 Edited time: 4 Oct, 2018 06:46 Former Top Gear hosts have mocked Theresa May’s awkward ‘dance’ moves at Wednesday’s Tory conference, releasing a video of them trying out the prime minister’s infamous gyrations. Borrowing May’s tune of choice, Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen,’ Jeremy Clarkson filmed himself alongside co-star James May attempting to […]


Zombie economy on the rise… RT’s Keiser Report looks into insolvent firms plaguing global markets

By ethan / October 2, 2018

Researchers from the Bank for International Settlements found that the number of zombie firms – those unable to cover debt-servicing costs from profits – is over 12 percent globally, while it’s approaching 15 percent in the US. According to the Keiser Report, the ‘zombie bank plague’ is currently spilling over to zombie corporations. [embedded content] […]


Breaking up Facebook & Google? RT’s Keiser Report looks at the best way to disband the monopolies

By ethan / September 27, 2018

The Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said he would like to see Google, Facebook and other major social media behemoths broken up like the federal government did to Standard Oil more than a century ago. Landry said the internet giants are suppressing conservative agendas, stifling competition, and infringing on antitrust laws. [embedded content] Max and […]


Winter is coming: Russia looks to boost gas sales in tighter European markets

By ethan / September 10, 2018

As Europe braces for a tighter natural gas market this winter, additional flexibility in supply is most likely to come from Russia, and in specific by the turnkey Yamal LNG facility. Western Europe will need more flexibility in natural gas supplies in the coming winter season. The European market has been tight amid higher demand in […]

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