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France recognizes Russia's new role in international relations, including in Middle East – Macron

By ethan / May 24, 2018

Published time: 24 May, 2018 18:21 Edited time: 24 May, 2018 18:58 France recognizes Russia’s new role in international relations, including in the Middle East, said President Emmanuel Macron at a joint media conference with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in St. Petersburg. Macron’s visit coincides with Russia’s largest business forum, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum […]


St. Petersburg International Economic Forum expects 15,000 participants from over 100 countries

By ethan / May 21, 2018

Russia is ready to host the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2018) on Thursday, with thousands of participants expected at the event. “The interest is high and official delegations from over 100 countries will come, which is about 15,000 potential participants,” St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko told reporters. “Among high-ranking guests, we are […]


US endorses Kiev's raid on Russian news agency amid international condemnation

By ethan / May 16, 2018

Despite the condemnation by international organizations of a blatant infringement on press freedoms, the US has defended Kiev’s raid on the office of RIA Novosti news agency as a legitimate fight against “Russian propaganda.” Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) raided RIA Novosti Ukraine headquarters on Tuesday and detained the head of the web portal, Kirill Vyshinsky. […]


Russian security chief reveals US attempts to hinder international cooperation

By ethan / April 26, 2018

A senior Russian security official has said that several nations had to cancel their participation in a recent security conference in Sochi and quoted US pressure as the main reason behind their decisions. “As this event was in preparatory stages, certain nations which I will not name here said that they had experienced pressure from […]


Joint enterprise: 4/20 & the roots of international cannabis day

By ethan / April 20, 2018

The term ‘420’ has become a recognized code for ‘cannabis-friendly’ people and places, in addition to describing the de facto world weed day. The term’s origin remains somewhat clouded in mystery, though, owing to multiple myths. Throughout the years, a variety of theories and fake origin stories for the term ‘420’ developed and were passed […]


Russia won’t be cut off from international bank transfer services

By ethan / April 18, 2018

Financial messaging system SWIFT will not ban Russia despite sanctions and is staying politically neutral, according to its CEO, Gottfried Leibbrandt, as quoted by Russian media. Leibbrandt is in Moscow, and has again stressed that SWIFT remains politically unbiased, according to reports by RBC, Vedomosti and other Russian business media. Read more The potential exclusion […]


Mapping international buyers of Russian agricultural equipment

By ethan / April 15, 2018

Exports of Russian-made agricultural machinery and equipment have been growing slowly but steadily in recent years. Russia’s farming machinery has reportedly managed to win 47 international markets so far. The latest data from the country’s Trade Ministry shows that exports of agricultural machinery and equipment from Russia increased by 3.5 percent within the first quarter […]

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