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China represents biggest, long-term threat to US interests – FBI director

By ethan / October 10, 2018

China is waging an unprecedented influence campaign against the American public and Beijing represents the “broadest, most complicated, most long-term” threat to US interests, said FBI Director Christopher Wray. Questioned by senators on the Homeland Security Committee about US President Donald Trump’s recent assertion that China is trying to interfere in the upcoming November midterm […]


Putin pledges to continue using counter sanctions for protection of Russia’s interests

By ethan / October 3, 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said Moscow’s response to foreign sanctions is ‘very reserved’ and added that new attempts to exert external pressure would only mean introducing new measures to protect national interests. Putin made the statement at the Russian Energy Week event which is currently taking place in Moscow. He said that the main […]


Putin puts Russia’s interests first & respects Trump’s ‘reciprocal beliefs’ – Kremlin spokesman

By ethan / July 16, 2018

Vladimir Putin is pragmatic enough to accept Donald Trump placing US national interests above all else but, to build a mutually beneficial relationship, he expects his counterpart to respect Russia’s, Dmitry Peskov told RT. Ahead of the much-anticipated summit between the Russian and US leaders in Helsinki, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov sat down with RT […]


US interests first: Pompeo pits EU against Russia as Bolton arranges Trump-Putin summit

By ethan / June 27, 2018

Washington will continue to pressure its European allies to sever economic ties with Moscow, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, even as John Bolton was arranging the Trump-Putin summit “in pursuit of US national interests.” “We are actively engaged in an all-of-US-government approach in convincing European governments and European businesses alike that increased energy dependence […]


Japan joining US global anti-missile shield ‘directly affects’ Russia’s security interests – Lavrov

By ethan / March 21, 2018

The deployment of US missile shield components in Japan directly affects Russia’s national security and regional interests, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a press conference with his Japanese counterpart in Tokyo. “Japan’s plans for deploying a global missile defense system directly affect [the] security interests of Russia,” Lavrov noted on his state visit, reiterating […]


Russia's isolation is not in anyone's interests – Tillerson

By ethan / March 13, 2018

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave his farewell address at the State Department Tuesday having been unceremoniously fired from the Trump administration. In his remarks, he spoke of the need for detente with Russia. Tillerson highlighted what he believed were successes under his leadership at the department, such as the “maximum pressure” policy to […]

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