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Israel pounds targets in Gaza, intercepts Hamas missiles

By ethan / June 27, 2018

A vehicle and two Hamas “observation posts” have been targeted and destroyed by Israeli Defense Forces, while the Iron Dome anti-missile system has intercepted at least three rockets fired at Israel from Gaza. A “barrage of projectiles” was launched towards southern Israel after IAF aircraft and IDF tanks shelled the militant organization’s targets inside the […]


Saudi Arabia intercepts missile from Yemen after Houthis target ‘military airport’

By ethan / May 21, 2018

Saudi air-defense systems have reportedly managed to intercept a ballistic missile launched from Yemen after Houthi rebels said they had targeted a “military airport” in the city of Jizan. The alleged Scud-type missile was destroyed before the projectile hit the intended target in the port city, which lies in the southwest corner of Saudi Arabia […]


Saudi Arabia intercepts missile from Yemen targeting Aramco oil storage tanks

By ethan / April 5, 2018

Saudi Arabia’s air defense has allegedly intercepted a missile fired by the armed Houthi movement from Yemen towards storage tanks in the port city of Jizan, which belong to the Aramco oil company. Storage tanks belonging to Saudi Aramco oil company in the southwestern province of Jizan  were reportedly the targets of the attack. The […]


Saudi Arabia reportedly intercepts missile fired from Yemen over Riyadh (VIDEOS)

By ethan / March 25, 2018

The Saudi air force has intercepted a missile fired from Yemen over the northeastern part of Riyadh late on Sunday night, according to local media reports. Several witnesses, including Reuters journalists, reported hearing several loud booms and bright flashes in the sky shortly before midnight in the Saudi capital. As-yet unverified footage, which has emerged […]


Syrian air defense intercepts 3 Israeli missiles targeting military site near Damascus – state media

By ethan / December 5, 2017

Published time: 5 Dec, 2017 01:25 Israel has reportedly launched air strikes at a Syrian military research facility in the Damascus countryside, local media report, claiming that the country’s air defense systems engaged and destroyed three out of at least six incoming missiles. At 11:30pm Monday, Syrian “air defenses confronted an Israeli missile attack on […]

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