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US House Intelligence Committee declares China ‘pre-eminent threat to American security & values’

By ethan / May 18, 2018

Having bitterly split along partisan lines in the probe over Russian influence and “meddling,” the House Intelligence Committee united in decrying the “pre-eminent threat” posed to the US by another rising power ‒ China. “China has only become emboldened and now may be the pre-eminent threat to American security, our economy and our values,” Committee […]


Diplomatic expulsions directly aid terrorists, says Russian intelligence chief

By ethan / April 11, 2018

The recent expulsion of Russian diplomats by Western nations is so damaging to international counter-terrorism, it could be described as direct aid to terrorist groups, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has said. Sergey Naryshkin made the statement after a meeting with three Russian intelligence agents who were among those recently expelled, according to […]


Strike on Syrian airbase is aimed to curb ‘Iranian entrenchment’ – ex-Israeli intelligence chief

By ethan / April 10, 2018

The attack on the Syria’s T-4 airbase in Homs province, which Russian military has linked to Israel, targeted Iran because Tel-Aviv wants to prevent its reinforcement in Syria, retired major general Amos Yadlin believes. The incident was “part of the two colliding vectors: Iranian determination to entrench itself in Syria and Israeli resolve to prevent […]


Retired intelligence operatives ask Trump to reverse Haspel CIA nomination

By ethan / March 26, 2018

A group of former US intelligence officers has urged President Donald Trump to rescind his nomination of Gina Haspel as CIA director, citing concerns over her alleged role in human rights abuses and her destruction of evidence. Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity includes former CIA, NSA, FBI and Army operatives. In a memorandum to the […]


Philippines ‘very seriously’ concerned that US intelligence tags Duterte a ‘threat to democracy’

By ethan / February 21, 2018

The presidential office in the Philippines has been seriously disturbed by the US intelligence community’s assessment that Rodrigo Duterte represents a “threat to democracy.” Last week, the US Intelligence Community, comprising 16 federal agencies, listed President Duterte as one of the leaders in Southeast Asia who continues to pose a “threat” to democracy and human […]


US intelligence chiefs warn against Chinese phones

By ethan / February 14, 2018

The chiefs of six US intelligence agencies have claimed that Chinese phones might be used for spying. Beijing hit back, stating that not a single object in the world is entirely safe and mocking the American “sense of insecurity.” The concerns over the threat potentially posed by Chinese smartphones, namely produced by one of the […]


Denmark faces ‘serious’ terrorism risk – Security & Intelligence agency

By ethan / January 13, 2018

The terrorist threat in Denmark remains “serious,” with some jihadists who left Europe to join Islamic State now returning and possibly planning attacks at home, the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) said in a report. Military action against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in Syria and Iraq has reduced the terrorist group’s capacity, PET […]

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