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Twitter freaks out over Russian-made telecom equipment installed in WH

By ethan / August 23, 2018

Twitter has exploded after learning that the White House uses Russian-supplied equipment for encrypted communication between Moscow and Washington. The hotline, however, has been in use for more than half a century. An article revealing the provenance of the direct line was published in Russian media on Thursday, stating that part of the state-owned tech […]


Building firms that installed cladding on Grenfell-style blocks rehired to remove it

By ethan / December 13, 2017

Building companies that installed unsafe cladding on social housing blocks are now being paid millions to remove it after the Grenfell disaster. One fire survivor branded the contracts “absolutely ludicrous.” Following the Grenfell fire that killed 71 people and left hundreds homeless last June, it emerged that the tower in North Kensington had been built […]

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