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Biking Kadyrov pedals for 40 km to inspect Chechen capital Grozny (VIDEO)

By ethan / July 22, 2018

Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Russia’s Republic of Chechnya, switched his car for bicycle to check the preparations for Grozny’s upcoming 200th birthday, and said he rode 40 kilometers around “the most beautiful city in the world.” “40 kilometers on the road or more… this is what the wheels of my bicycle made in Grozny,” […]


Russian observers to inspect UK military sites – Nuclear Risk Reduction Center chief

By ethan / April 23, 2018

Russian military experts are planning to conduct an inspection of UK military sites and activity, amid ongoing military exercises in Scotland, the head of the National Nuclear Risk Reduction Center, Sergey Ryzhkov, has announced. Despite the spike in tensions between London and Moscow, experts from the NNRC, which is a part of Russia’s Defense Ministry, […]

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