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Sabre-rattling Netanyahu insists he doesn’t ‘seek’ war with Iran

By ethan / May 1, 2018

For those concerned about the prospect of war between Israel and Iran after Benjamin Netanyahu’s picture-heavy presentation on Tehran allegedly breaking the nuclear deal, the Israeli prime minister has a calming message. Asked whether Israel was prepared to go to war with Iran, Netanyahu told CNN: “Nobody’s seeking that kind of development,” adding: “Iran is […]


Theresa May insists ‘I’m no quitter’ as Tory unrest reaches fever pitch

By ethan / January 31, 2018

Tory vultures are circling, and yet, despite plotting Conservatives waiting to pick at the bones of Theresa May’s authority, the prime minister has insisted that she is “no quitter” and will remain in position. Prime Minister Theresa May, who will visit China this week in order to strengthen diplomatic and trade ties for the UK’s […]


Top court insists fugitive Catalan leader must return to Spain to be re-inaugurated

By ethan / January 28, 2018

Spain’s Constitutional Court says Carles Puigdemont, the only presidential nominee put forward by the ruling Catalan pro-independence coalition, cannot be sworn in while in exile, demanding he attends the ceremony in person. Puigdemont, who faces charges of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of funds for his role in the Catalan referendum and subsequent declaration of independence […]


Top US aid recipient Guatemala insists Jerusalem move was ‘sovereign decision’

By ethan / December 27, 2017

Guatemala has defended its decision to move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, claiming it was a “sovereign decision” that had nothing to do with foreign pressure despite it being the largest recipient of US aid in Central America. The move to acknowledge Jerusalem as the Israeli capital was “a foreign policy decision, therefore sovereign,” Foreign […]


DUP leader insists party will oppose any ‘internal barriers’ in Brexit negotiations

By ethan / November 25, 2017

Published time: 25 Nov, 2017 20:49 Democratic Unionist leader Arlene Foster has vowed to block any attempt to create a border in the Irish sea between Northern Ireland and the British mainland during Brexit negotiations. “Northern Ireland is British and British it will remain,” Foster told the DUP faithful gathered for the party’s annual conference […]

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