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Macron to insist Britain must pay for Calais border controls even after Brexit

By ethan / December 28, 2017

France is set to make demands on Theresa May over the British border in Calais after Brexit. Hundreds of migrants and refugees remain stranded on the French side of the English Channel. As Britain prepares to leave the EU, French President Emmanuel Macron will insist the UK must contribute millions for the improvement of border […]


Oxford researchers latest to insist there’s no evidence Russia influenced Brexit

By ethan / December 19, 2017

Claims of Russian influence over the Brexit referendum are being disproved time and time and again. New research by the University of Oxford has further undermined the British government’s allegations. The Oxford Internet Institute has found 105 Russia-based accounts tweeted almost 16,000 times before Brexit. It cannot, however, be proven how many times and by […]

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