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X-rated: Prison guard allegedly gives blowjob to inmate in French jail (VIDEO)

By ethan / July 17, 2018

Prison authorities have launched an investigation after an X-rated video released online allegedly showed an intern prison guard pleasuring an inmate in a jail in northern France, according to media reports. The amorous encounter took place in Sequedin Prison near the city of Lille, Le Parisien newspaper reported on Monday. The video originally posted on […]


Jailhouse blues: Tennessee inmate escapes from jail – for sixth time

By ethan / February 21, 2018

Prison officials are blaming overcrowded conditions and aging facilities that allowed one convict to break out of jail half a dozen times. Philip Andrew Marshall, who was first incarcerated for evading arrest, has managed to escape from prison on six occasions, according to the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office. The last jailbreak occurred on February 15, […]


Texas death row inmate pleads for leniency citing ‘race’ factor in trial

By ethan / January 30, 2018

A Texas death row inmate has requested a reprieve from execution for the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend. He was already on parole for killing his estranged wife at the the time he killed his lover. William Rayford, 64, is facing lethal injection Tuesday evening for beating, stabbing and strangling 44-year-old Carol Lynn Thomas Hall. […]


Killer kiss: Woman jailed after inmate boyfriend dies from meth-laden smooch

By ethan / November 22, 2017

Published time: 22 Nov, 2017 21:57 An Oregon woman has been handed a two year prison sentence on a drug conspiracy charge, after her boyfriend died from a meth-laden kiss following a prison visit. Melissa Ann Blair was visiting Anthony Powell at the Oregon State Penitentiary in June 2016 when they shared a kiss at […]


Inmate escapes from firefighting crew battling S. California’s Canyon Fire 2

By ethan / October 17, 2017

An inmate working for a corrections-related firefighting crew battling the Canyon Fire 2 in Orange County, California, left his assigned post unnoticed and made an escape. Authorities are now actively searching for the man. Armando Castillo, 31, had been working with fellow inmates near Peters Canyon Regional Park in the city of Orange, where he […]

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