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Aerial footage shows entire Hawaiian neighborhood devoured by lava (VIDEO)

By ethan / June 7, 2018

New aerial footage shows the Hawaiian neighborhood of Vacationland has been consumed by lava as devastating volcanic eruptions continue to destroy homes on the Big Island. The footage, released by the US Geological Survey (USGS) on Wednesday, shows enormous destruction in the Vacationland area and nearby Kapoho, with only a few structures remaining following the […]


US police release footage of NBA player Brown's stun-gun arrest (VIDEO)

By ethan / May 24, 2018

Milwaukee police have released controversial footage of officers using a stun gun on NBA player Sterling Brown during his arrest for a parking violation in January. The local police chief has apologized for his officers’ “inappropriate actions” after what appeared to be a basic parking violation escalated into the use of force by police. Brown, […]


Trump hotel shootout: Florida police release footage of gun attack (VIDEO)

By ethan / May 22, 2018

Florida police have released dramatic bodycam footage of their gun battle with a suspect at the Trump National Doral Golf Club Friday. Suspect Jonathan Oddi, 42, reportedly entered the lobby of the hotel and began shouting anti-Trump remarks before opening fire. Terrified patrons and employees of the hotel fled immediately. Officers from the City of […]


Israel releases Palestinian protesters as footage of arrest goes viral (VIDEO)

By ethan / May 21, 2018

An Israeli court has ordered the release of 19 protesters following the emergence of footage showing them being violently arrested at a demonstration Friday. Some 17 Palestinians and two Israelis were among those held. The protesters were released by the Haifa Magistrates’ Court Monday after a nine-hour overnight hearing in the northern city. The court […]


Drone footage shows US troops’ last stand & dramatic escape from Niger ambush (VIDEO)

By ethan / May 19, 2018

Newly released footage from the Pentagon shows how US troops ambushed in Niger prepared for their last stand, the aborted French airstrike on Islamic State militants, and friendly fire by Nigerien rescuers. The US Department of Defense has put together a 23-minute video showing the October 4, 2017 ambush of US special forces operatives and their Nigerien […]

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