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UK will foot £5mn policing bill for Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland

By ethan / July 4, 2018

The UK Treasury will foot a £5 million bill needed for extra policing if US President Donald Trump visits Scotland in mid-July. It followed an outcry from Scottish officials who did not want to be the ones left with the bill. The US president is expected to visit Scotland after he meets Prime Minister Theresa […]


Foot in mouth: Freaky ocean critter uses its 'feet' to feed (VIDEO)

By ethan / May 19, 2018

The bizarre feeding habits of a strange bottom-feeding sea creature have been laid bare in amazing footage from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). We all know someone who has a tendency to figuratively put their foot in their mouth. Usually it’s a bad thing, but for this little ocean critter, it comes […]


Foot in mouth: Japanese PM served dessert in a shoe at Netanyahu dinner (PHOTOS)

By ethan / May 8, 2018

Japanese leader Shinzo Abe and his wife were dished up dessert in a shoe during dinner at the Israeli prime minister’s residence.The culturally offensive move has been slammed by diplomats from both countries. “This was a stupid and insensitive decision,” a senior Israeli diplomat who had previously served in Japan told newspaper Yediot Aharonot. “It […]


Ukraine is overpaying for European gas & wants Russia to foot the bill

By ethan / March 5, 2018

Kiev was forced to buy expensive gas in Europe after Russia’s state-run company Gazprom severed contracts with Ukraine and refused to deliver the fuel in March. Now, Ukraine is demanding that Russia pays the price difference. Read more “According to operational data, the average weighted price of gas from European suppliers in March this year […]

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