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Belarus expels Moscow diplomats? ‘Leading Russia expert’ falls for cheeky April Fool’s joke

By ethan / April 1, 2018

Anders Aslund’s deep knowledge of Eastern European politics was no match for April Fool’s, when the supposedly all-knowing Russia commentator fruitlessly cheered fake news about Belarus expelling Russian diplomats. Aslund, who was presented by the American think tank the Atlantic Council as a “leading specialist” on Russian economic policy and Eastern Europe in general, has […]


Fool’s Gold? The Rockies treasure hunt which has killed 4 people (VIDEO)

By ethan / March 9, 2018

An eccentric octogenarian millionaire claims to have buried treasure somewhere in the Rocky mountains. Four people have already lost their lives in the hunt for the gold. The millionaire in question is 86-year-old Forrest Fenn who travelled deep into the Rockies on two separate trips in 2010. On the first trip the former antiques dealer […]

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