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Namibia follows South Africa with pledge to expropriate white-owned land

By ethan / October 3, 2018

Namibian President Hage Geingob has called for a change to the constitution to allow the government to expropriate land from white citizens and redistribute it to the majority black population. “Many Namibians were driven off their productive land,” Geingob said during his opening speech at a national land policy conference in the capital Windhoek. According […]


Turkey follows Russia in dumping US Treasury securities

By ethan / August 16, 2018

Turkey’s holding of US sovereign bonds saw a nearly 12-percent decline from May to June as Ankara seeks to diversify away from the US dollar amid an escalating diplomatic conflict with Washington. In June, Turkey’s share of US Treasury securities dropped to $ 28.8 billion from $ 32.6 billion in the previous month, according to […]


Uproar follows German politician’s racial slur against Boris Becker’s son

By ethan / January 4, 2018

A lawmaker from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party became the target of a social media onslaught over a racial tweet which described tennis legend Boris Becker’s son as “half-n****r.” Twenty-three-year-old artist and DJ Noah Becker, who is mixed-race, had commented in a recent interview with Emotion magazine that he had been attacked in […]

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