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US media focuses on embassy opening in Jerusalem amid bloodbath in Gaza

By ethan / May 14, 2018

Usually, the death of more than three dozen protesters anywhere in the world is something US media would be interested in — but it seems that old journalism maxim ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ may not extend to Palestinian blood. On a day that has seen 41 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces amid historic protests, […]


‘West focuses only on anti-govt rallies’: Thousands protest for & against authorities in Iran

By ethan / December 30, 2017

Large crowds have gathered across Iran in a demonstration of loyalty to the government as opposition protests showed no signs of abating. Tehran meanwhile slammed Washington’s “interference” and “deceptive support” of the unrest. The ongoing protests in Iran started as a rally against soaring food prices and unemployment, snowballing into the biggest anti-government movement in […]

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