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Ovi with the save! Washington Caps star protects wife from flying football (VIDEO)

By ethan / September 13, 2018

Stanley Cup winner Alexander Ovechkin displayed some impressive goalkeeping skills by deflecting a fast-moving football which could have hit his wife, Anastasia Shubskaya. READ MORE: Russian NHL star Ovechkin wins ESPY best male athlete award The couple – who saw the arrival of their first child less than a month ago – were at a friendly […]


Who’s flying the plane? Passengers & press panic over sleeping pilot

By ethan / September 12, 2018

Several UK papers have gone into a panic over a United Airlines pilot who took a nap during a flight from Newark, New Jersey to Glasgow, Scotland, in plain view of the passengers. Aviation insiders say that was perfectly normal. The sight of a pilot stretched out in a first-class seat catching some z’s an […]


‘Flying infirmary’: VIDEOS show confusion inside quarantined Emirates plane at JFK

By ethan / September 5, 2018

Videos from inside an Emirates plane quarantined at JFK airport with 500 passengers on board show confusion among the travellers, with one of the eyewitness describing the aircraft as a “flying infirmary.” Emirates Flight 203 landed Wednesday morning, after the pilot noticed passengers coughing and exhibiting symptoms of fever. The plane has since been parked […]


Transport Security head says armed surveillance of innocent flying Americans ‘makes a lot of sense’

By ethan / August 15, 2018

Transport Security administrator David Pekoske has defended his agency’s controversial and creepy Quiet Skies surveillance program – that sees armed federal agents collect information on ordinary Americans’ behavior in airports. Pekoske told CBS News – in his first TV interview since the controversial program was revealed a month ago – that a dragnet surveillance program […]


Nazi flying saucer model removed from Amazon in Germany after public outcry

By ethan / June 19, 2018

A scale model of a fictional Nazi flying saucer has been removed from sale after the controversial product faced harsh criticism from German historians and child protection groups. The scale plastic model, entitled ‘Flying Saucer Haunebu II,’ has been sold on Amazon for €49.99 since May. But the model’s producer, Revell, announced on Tuesday that […]


England fans attacked in Volgograd! …by swarms of tiny flying midges

By ethan / June 18, 2018

England fans arriving in Volgograd for their World Cup game versus Tunisia on Monday were met by swarms of tiny flying midges, in the absence of the dreaded gangs of bloodthirsty Russian hooligans promised by the UK press. Three Lions fans were in the city by the banks of the River Volga to watch Harry […]


Is Russia to blame for seagulls getting high on flying ant acid? You decide

By ethan / May 31, 2018

Flying Ant Day is on its way – which means that seagulls across the UK could soon be tripping balls, obviously. The gulls, who get high from the acid produced by the bugs, “gobble them up like M&Ms”, according to one expert. Of course, the increase in the flying ant population is apparently because of… […]


Venezuela ‘hostage’ flying home to meet family at White House – Trump

By ethan / May 26, 2018

An American man jailed in Venezuela for more than 18 months without trial will be reunited with his family when he lands in Washington DC today, US President Donald Trump has said. Utah man Joshua Holt and his wife Thamy have been in a Venezuelan prison since 2016 after being arrested for firearm offences. The […]

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