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Man clings to car hood as Turkish floodwaters sweep vehicle away (VIDEO)

By ethan / May 6, 2018

Flash floods transformed the streets of Ankara, Turkey into rivers on Saturday, with vehicles swept away in fast-moving currents. One plucky local was filmed escaping disaster by perching on top of his floating car’s hood. Six people were injured in the floods which occurred after heavy rainfall at about midday local time. The downpour was […]


High alert: Floodwaters rise in Paris amid warnings of further deluge (PHOTOS)

By ethan / January 27, 2018

Some 20 flood warnings have been issued for Paris and surrounding areas, with French authorities putting residents and businesses along the capital’s River Seine on high alert over rising floodwaters. READ MORE: Going nuts for Nutella: French shoppers ‘riot’ over hazelnut spread (VIDEOS) The water level is already nearly on a par with the floods […]

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