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World's first floating nuclear power plant reaches Russia's Arctic for maiden mission

By ethan / May 21, 2018

The first sea-borne nuclear power plant made in Russia has been towed to the country’s Arctic port of Murmansk, ready to undertake its first mission, generating electricity in remote locations. The water-borne power plant, named Akademik Lomonosov, was built by the state-run nuclear corporation Rosatom in St. Petersburg. The new vessel is set to pioneer […]


Media meltdown as Russia’s first floating nuclear power goes on fueling trip (PHOTOS)

By ethan / April 29, 2018

The first voyage of Russia’s floating power plant has sent media into an atomic frenzy, with the vessel getting branded as the ‘nuclear Titanic’ and a ‘floating Chernobyl’ even before it got its nuclear fuel loaded. The ‘Akademik Lomonosov’ vessel, the first Russian floating nuclear power plant (FNPP), has embarked on its first voyage from […]


Tsunami-proof pods: Japan launches guest-saving floating hotel (VIDEO)

By ethan / March 6, 2018

A new floating spherical hotel project claims to offer its guests unique protection against tsunamis. The Japanese enterprise is designed to protect its inhabitants from a sudden tidal influx – by simply rising above it. Japan has created its first floating pod hotel as one possible solution to the country’s risk of earthquakes and tsunamis. […]


China to create world's largest floating solar power plant in move to clean energy

By ethan / December 11, 2017

Published time: 11 Dec, 2017 18:14 The Beijing-based Three Gorges New Energy Corporation has invested a billion yuan ($ 151 million) into constructing the world’s biggest floating solar power project. The plant is being built in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui. Construction of the 150 megawatt (MW) power station started in July with a […]


China aims to build floating nuclear power plant by 2020

By ethan / November 29, 2017

Published time: 29 Nov, 2017 19:44 A Chinese company aims to build the country’s first floating nuclear power plant by 2020. Such vessels may provide electricity, heating and desalinated waters to isolated regions. Russia is currently building a similar ship, which is scheduled to go online in 2019. The Chinese floating power plant is being […]


Shortest route? Taxi spotted floating in St. Petersburg canal (VIDEO)

By ethan / November 17, 2017

Published time: 17 Nov, 2017 17:31 A taxi with its headlights on has been filmed floating in one of the most famous canals in downtown St. Petersburg. With no one harmed in the incident, people took to social media, making jokes about the buoyant vehicle. “Is this an ad campaign?” a man is heard wondering […]

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