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Cell phone blaze aboard Ryanair flight sparks panicked evacuation (VIDEO)

By ethan / August 2, 2018

An Ibiza-bound Ryanair flight was evacuated after a cell phone burst into flames inside the cabin, triggering panic onboard. Passengers were forced to exit the plane before it departed Barcelona’s El Prat airport on Tuesday. A passenger had been charging their phone with a battery pack when it caught fire, Aviation24 reports. The cell phone […]


Emirates slammed for kicking family off flight because of special needs son

By ethan / July 26, 2018

The Emirates airline is facing a severe backlash after it reportedly kicked a family off a flight because of their son’s autism and epilepsy – despite the boy having a medical cert to travel. Isabelle Kumar, a Euronews presenter, tweeted about the incident. Her family had boarded a flight from Dubai to France and asked […]


33 hospitalized after Ryanair flight plummets mid-air & makes emergency landing in Frankfurt

By ethan / July 14, 2018

Dozens of passengers were taken to hospitals after a Croatia-bound Ryanair flight had suddenly made an emergency descent, plummeting from 11,000m before finally landing in Frankfurt. A Ryanair flight bound for Croatian resort town of Zadar had made an emergency landing at Frankfurt-Hahn airport after rapidly descending from 36,000ft (11,000m), German media reported citing police. […]


Stunt pilot shocks locals with blazing firework flight (VIDEOS, PHOTO)

By ethan / June 10, 2018

A mysterious daredevil stunned Norfolk locals when they piloted a vintage stunt plane above houses, performing a loop-the-loop with flaming fireworks trailing from the aircraft’s wings. The incident took place near the market town of Attleborough on Saturday evening, with one resident calling the police because the stunt looked so risky. The identity of the […]


Flight safety in CIS worsening, according to aviation authority report

By ethan / June 5, 2018

More aircraft disasters and fatalities occurred in Russia than in any other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) nation last year, according to a report by the bloc’s top civil aviation authority. The report presented by the Interstate Aviation Committee reveals that the safety level of aircraft transport in the CIS demonstrated “stable negative dynamics” during […]

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