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Iraq moves to create its own oil tanker fleet

By ethan / June 12, 2018

OPEC’s second-largest producer Iraq has taken steps toward selling its crude oil on a delivered basis after it is looking to build its own tanker fleet. At present, most of Iraq’s crude oil and oil products are being sold on a so-called ‘free on board’ basis, in which the seller pays for transportation of the […]


Arctic stronghold: Might of Russia’s Northern Fleet shown in anniversary video

By ethan / June 1, 2018

The Northern Fleet, which is arguably the most powerful Russian naval force, is celebrating 285 years of operations. Its anniversary video shows state-of-the-art vessels and unique installations in the Russian Arctic region. Established back in 1733, the Northern Fleet comprises some of Russia’s most remarkable military hardware, with 41 submarines, 37 surface vessels and ground […]


Russia’s Northern Fleet fighter jets hone combat skills in harsh Arctic climate (VIDEO)

By ethan / March 27, 2018

Russia’s Northern Fleet pilots braved chilling Arctic weather while honing their skills in their fighter jets, the Russian Defense Ministry has shown in newly released footage. Some eight MiG-29K aircrafts took to the skies above Murmansk Region to practice maneuvers amid difficult weather conditions. The crews have been working on their skills at taking off […]


Putin: Russia's Arctic fleet is strongest in the world & will continue to be

By ethan / March 1, 2018

President Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia’s Arctic fleet is and will remain the strongest in the world, as the country has been strengthening the military infrastructure in the region to secure its interests there. Read more The Russian leader vowed to continue developing the scientific, transport and military infrastructure in the strategically important Arctic region. […]


Half of F-35 fleet grounded by tech problems – Pentagon report

By ethan / January 25, 2018

The most expensive weapons program in the world will not meet its testing schedule and of the Joint Strike Fighters already delivered only half can actually fly, according to a scathing new Pentagon report. “The operational suitability of the F-35 fleet remains at a level below service expectations and is dependent on workarounds that would […]


Damage control: Exploding engine cripples US Air Force’s spy fleet

By ethan / December 29, 2017

Published time: 29 Dec, 2017 19:11 US Air Force has scrambled to repair its fleet of surveillance planes after a decades-old jet’s engine exploded and damaged a number of other aircraft at a busy airbase. Four airmen were also injured in the accident. The Air Force’s Safety Investigation Board arrived at Warner Robins Air Force […]

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