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Japan finds itself buried in plastic waste after China stops importing world’s trash

By ethan / October 21, 2018

Nations across the globe are beginning to suffer from waste build-up, after China stopped importing recyclable garbage this year. Japan has become the latest country reporting severe recycling industry overload. China’s ban on imports of 24 types of solid waste materials, such as soda bottles, mixed paper, recycled steel and newsprint, has impacted the recycling […]


McMaggots: Woman finds wriggling larva in McDonald's ketchup dispenser

By ethan / October 8, 2018

A McDonalds customer was left horrified after she noticed that the nozzle of a ketchup dispenser was lined with writhing maggots in a UK branch of the fast food giant. Isabella Ritchie took a video of the skin-crawling condiments and shared it on social media where it inspired an array of disgusted responses. “Never going […]


Jury finds Chicago police officer guilty of murder in Laquan McDonald shooting

By ethan / October 5, 2018

A Chicago jury has found police officer Jason Van Dyke guilty of murder for the fatal 2014 shooting of a black teenager. The shooting ignited widespread protests and fanned racial tensions in the already violent city. The jury found Van Dyke guilty of second-degree murder, making him the first Chicago police officer to be found […]


‘Hothouse Earth’: Planet will become ‘uninhabitable’ if climate tipping point reached, study finds

By ethan / August 7, 2018

The world is perilously close to moving into irreversible “hothouse” conditions with global average temperatures climbing as much as 4-5 Celsius — even if emissions reduction targets are met, according to a new study. A group of scientists from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, the University of Copenhagen, the Australian National University and the Potsdam Institute […]


Egypt finds no evidence of curses within black sarcophagus… so far

By ethan / July 19, 2018

A black sarcophagus in Egypt revealed neither the remains of Alexander the Great nor curses protecting it, authorities say. Folks in Russia know about great conquerors and curses – one may even have triggered the Nazi invasion. Many powerful people in the past were obsessed with their posterity, having items and servants buried along with […]

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