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Govt cracks down on university ‘safe spaces’ despite MPs finding ‘no issue’

By ethan / May 3, 2018

The government is to announce a crackdown on students censoring controversial speakers on campuses, despite research finding that there is no “systemic” issue with free speech at UK universities. On Thursday, Universities Minister Sam Gyimah will announce measures banning the “chilling” trend of no-platforming on education campuses. It is the first government intervention on free-speech […]


‘Foreign affairs amateur’: Boris Johnson may face problems finding common language in Moscow

By ethan / December 21, 2017

The British Foreign Secretary might face difficulties in establishing a dialogue with his Russian counterpart, UK experts have told RT, suggesting Boris Johnson is not experienced enough to improve “low ebb” relations. “Deep down, he’s not a foreign affairs specialist. He’s more concerned about politics in general and would like to become next British prime […]


Breaking news! Russia funded Russian elections – BuzzFeed ‘secret finding’

By ethan / November 15, 2017

BuzzFeed’s latest “explosive” scoop on “secret” Russian financing of a 2016 election turned out to be an instant hit by burying a key detail: it was a Russian election. On Tuesday, the US media outlet ran a story headlined “Secret Finding: 60 Russian Payments ‘To Finance Election Campaign of 2016’”. The 959-word article opens with […]

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