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'Croydon cat killer': Mystery of feline mutilations finally 'solved' but have police been outfoxed?

By ethan / September 20, 2018

A years-long probe into the notorious “Croydon cat killer,” blamed for hundreds of pet deaths, has yielded unexpected results, with police finding the feline ‘victims’ perished in road accidents with some mutilated by urban foxes. The Metropolitan Police released its groundbreaking findings on Thursday, following an almost three-years-long investigation. The probe, dubbed Operation Takahe, was […]


Time has come for Russia to finally ditch US dollar – Foreign Ministry

By ethan / August 24, 2018

Russia will definitely respond to Washington’s latest sanctions and, in particular, it is accelerating efforts to abandon the American currency in trade transactions, said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. “The time has come when we need to go from words to actions, and get rid of the dollar as a means of mutual settlements, and […]


Groundbreaking discovery: Who may have built Stonehenge finally revealed

By ethan / August 2, 2018

Scientists say that cremated remains may hold the key to unlocking the truth behind England’s greatest mystery: who built Stonehenge? New studies on the cremated remains of 25 Neolithic people buried at the site show that nearly half of them lived nowhere near the now world-famous monument. READ MORE: Great Pyramid of Giza can concentrate electromagnetic […]


Assange may finally leave Ecuadorian embassy in London as health worsens – report

By ethan / August 1, 2018

Julian Assange, who has spent more than 2,230 days in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, is expected to leave the building soon with his health deteriorating, sources say. This latest information about the WikiLeaks founder, who was already expected to leave the embassy “in the coming weeks,” was broken Wednesday by Bloomberg which cited “two […]


‘Like Falcon Space launch’: Flat-Earther finally blasts off into California sky (VIDEO)

By ethan / March 25, 2018

Flat-Earth theorist and self-taught rocket scientist ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes has catapulted himself half a mile into the air aboard a homemade rocket in Californian desert town. The 61-year-old limo-driver-turned-rocket-scientist launched his steam-powered rocket and reached an altitude of 1,875 feet (572m) near Amboy, California on Saturday. The event was previously delayed due variously to technical […]


Amelia Earhart mystery finally solved – anthropology professor

By ethan / March 8, 2018

The decades-long mystery surrounding the fate of Amelia Earhart could finally have finally been solved. Scientists studying bones discovered on a small Pacific island have identified the remains as those of to the female aviator. READ MORE: India’s first female solo fighter pilot takes to skies in historic training mission Earhart’s plane went missing during […]


‘Gerasimov doctrine’ finally put to rest? Russia ‘expert’ apologizes for coining snappy term

By ethan / March 6, 2018

For years, Western ‘experts’ on Russia spoke of the ‘Gerasimov Doctrine’ as a sinister Moscow plot to use subversion to complement military force, ignoring objections from journalists who challenged its existence. Until now. “I’m sorry for creating the Gerasimov Doctrine,” Mark Galeotti, a senior research fellow at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, wrote […]


The Great Russian Bot Panic: Is evidence of no evidence finally changing minds?

By ethan / March 1, 2018

There are just the merest signs that common sense may be making a rare appearance in the debate around the Great Russian Bot Panic. Some unlikely sources have even suggested perhaps Russian interference is not behind everything. A mixture of healthy skepticism and a lack of evidence looks to be shifting the debate around just […]

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