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Russian Culture Ministry seeks limit on proportion of foreign films in theaters

By ethan / September 10, 2018

In an apparent bid to support Russian filmmakers, the country’s Culture Ministry has proposed legally obliging movie theaters to ensure that only around one-third of the films they show are foreign-made. Experts from the Culture Ministry included the proposal in a draft law titled “On State Support of the Film Industry in the Russian Federation,” […]


‘Extremely urgent’: Sweden makes sex education films for migrants (VIDEO)

By ethan / May 4, 2018

The Swedish government is pumping funding into a series of educational films to teach immigrant women about sex and their reproductive rights, with the social affairs minister calling the project an “extremely urgent” one. The animated films are the work of the Swedish Association for Sexual Education (RFSU). The sexual health charity has created 11 […]


Pirated family films found masquerading as porn on XXX website

By ethan / January 3, 2018

Published time: 3 Jan, 2018 15:47 Have you ever clicked on a video that’s a little NSFW? Most web pages struggle to purge smut from their sites, but one triple-X rated page is having the opposite problem. PornHub is struggling to banish family-friendly content from its naughty corner of the web. Internet pirates are taking […]


14yo rapes schoolmate in Norway, films assault & sends to friends

By ethan / December 2, 2017

Published time: 2 Dec, 2017 08:31 A 14-year old teen in Norway is suspected of raping a girl of the same age, police said, adding that the suspect filmed the assault on his phone and then sent the disturbing video to his friends. The victim is reportedly the suspect’s schoolmate. The incident took place in […]


RT crew films stockpiles of ISIS arms abandoned inside liberated Al-Mayadeen (VIDEO)

By ethan / October 15, 2017

RT Exclusive Published time: 15 Oct, 2017 00:40 Edited time: 15 Oct, 2017 03:22 An enormous arsenal of various weapons and production facilities, plus a fleet of explosive-laden and armored vehicles has been discovered inside the recaptured Islamic State stronghold in Deir ez-Zor province, RT reports from the Al-Mayadeen frontline. Following in the footsteps of […]

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