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Trump guilty of ‘global domination’ by telling other nations how to trade – US state senator to RT

By ethan / September 29, 2018

When Donald Trump told the UN General Assembly that Washington chooses independence over global dominance, he failed to note that the US exerts such dominance by telling other countries how to trade, Sen. Richard Black told RT. “President Trump during his speech at the UN said America will always choose independence over global governance, control, […]


Russian elections: Pro-Kremlin domination amid protests, but some hope for opposition in regions

By ethan / September 10, 2018

Illegal protest marches, a parliamentary opposition leader punching an agitator in the face and a few unexpected results. These were the standouts from Sunday’s regional elections in Russia. The Far East delivered the first shocks. In Yakutsk’s mayoral contest, Sardana Avksentyeva, of the Party for the Renaissance of Russia, beat Aleksandr Savinov, of the pro-Putin […]


Russian lawmakers blast new US national security program as attempt to secure global domination

By ethan / December 19, 2017

Published time: 19 Dec, 2017 10:44 Russian MPs have stated that the recently-unveiled US national security strategy resists positive change, and attempts to restore the world to the old version of ‘Pax Americana.’ “The US national security strategy is aimed exclusively at the restoration of American hegemony and the line for building a monopolar world,” […]

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