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US dollar dominance ‘idiotically’ outsized – economist Jim O’Neill

By ethan / October 5, 2018

The status of the US dollar as the kingpin currency is pretty much overrated, as America’s share in the global economy has been dramatically falling since the Second World War, says prominent economist Jim O’Neill. “We live in this very peculiar situation where the role of the dollar in global finance is just idiotically more […]


US dollar dominance jeopardized by Russia-China alliance – Max Keiser

By ethan / September 12, 2018

The cementing of relations between Moscow and Beijing means a new multipolar world with more bilateral trade and different centers of currency concentration and power, according to RT host Max Keiser. He says that the new Russia-China alliance could not be taken on by the US militarily which means that “the US dollar is in […]


Synchronized swimmers extend Russia’s dominance at European Championships

By ethan / August 7, 2018

Russia’s synchronized swimmers continued their country’s winning run at the European Championships in Glasgow, adding two more gold medals to the team’s tally. READ MORE: Russia riding high in Euro Champs medals table after victory for cyclists, synchronized swimmers On Tuesday, Aleksandr Maltsev and Maya Gurbanberdieva won the duet free routine mixed final, posting a meet-high […]


Zuckerberg warns break-up of Facebook will lead to Chinese tech dominance

By ethan / July 19, 2018

Calls to break up Facebook in order to even out the playing field for competitors would result in a Chinese tech companies filling the void, said the social network’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. He pointed to the fact that the Chinese firms which will likely step in and dominate don’t have traditional American values. “I think […]


Alien vs Predator: Erdogan & Netanyahu vying for Mideast dominance – Blumenthal

By ethan / April 2, 2018

Benjamin Netanyahu and Recep Tayyip Erdogan accuse one another of mass human rights crimes and both are correct: neither can claim the moral high ground, both are battling from the depths of depravity, Max Blumenthal told RT. Israel is being slammed for how its military is handling ongoing protests at the Gaza border. The annual […]

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