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Alien vs Predator: Erdogan & Netanyahu vying for Mideast dominance – Blumenthal

By ethan / April 2, 2018

Benjamin Netanyahu and Recep Tayyip Erdogan accuse one another of mass human rights crimes and both are correct: neither can claim the moral high ground, both are battling from the depths of depravity, Max Blumenthal told RT. Israel is being slammed for how its military is handling ongoing protests at the Gaza border. The annual […]


Death of US dollar? China launches petro-yuan to challenge greenback’s dominance

By ethan / March 26, 2018

The highly anticipated yuan-backed crude oil futures have been launched in Shanghai. China is the world’s biggest oil consumer, with eyes on rival benchmarks Brent and WTI as well as the US currency. Trading of the new oil futures contracts for September settlement started on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange at 440.20 yuan ($ 69.70) […]


Russia overtakes China in gold reserves race to end US dollar dominance

By ethan / February 26, 2018

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) boosted its holdings of gold by almost 20 metric tons last month, with reserves reaching 1,857 tons. It has increased its holdings every month since March 2015. Russia is now among the top five gold holders after surpassing China, which reportedly holds 1,843 tons. Over the last 15 years, […]


Imagined Russia threat is pretext for US dominance in Europe through NATO – Lavrov

By ethan / February 17, 2018

Citing a perceived Russian threat, the US is trying to get a foothold in Europe by means of NATO, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. The alliance continues to expand, devouring even Moscow’s historical allies in the Balkans. As Russophobic rhetoric in the West never seems to abate, the presence of foreign troops on Russia’s borders […]


Russia inks huge energy deals with Saudi Arabia, challenging US dominance in Gulf region

By ethan / February 15, 2018

Hidden by the fog of the ongoing oil market volatility and the Turkish adventures in Syria, OPEC leader Saudi Arabia has been cementing its geopolitical position for years. In Riyadh meetings this week between Saudi and Russian officials, major energy deals were sealed, changing the regional constellation dramatically. At the same time, the geopolitical shift […]


New US defense strategy: Return to global dominance, slimming down Pentagon

By ethan / January 19, 2018

After nearly two decades of focus on terrorism, the US military establishment is seeking to pivot back to great-power competition with Russia and China, preserving global dominance while rebuilding the “eroding” force. “Inter-state strategic competition, not terrorism, is now the primary concern in US national security,” says the new National Defense Strategy, published by the […]


Bitcoin losing its dominance in cryptocurrency market

By ethan / January 2, 2018

Published time: 2 Jan, 2018 12:43 Six years ago bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency people talked about. Now, there are almost 1,400 of them. While remaining the locomotive of digital money, bitcoin has been gradually losing its preeminence in the market. Bitcoin had a very good year. In addition to appreciating by more than 1,300 […]

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