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FBI releases heavily-redacted docs on death of Russian media tycoon Lesin in DC

By ethan / January 27, 2018

The FBI has commented on the mysterious 2015 death of Russian media tycoon Mikhail Lesin in Washington, DC. The Bureau has chosen to release documents pertaining to the incident in heavily redacted form. The investigation’s reports – dated between November 2015, when the 57-year-old Lesin died, and October 2016, when the case was officially closed […]


Former NSA worker pleads guilty to snatching classified docs

By ethan / December 2, 2017

A former employee for the NSA who worked to infiltrate foreign computer networks has admitted to illegally taking classified documents from the agency. Among the details of the case shrouded in mystery is the date he was charged. Former National Security Agency employee Nghia H. Pho, 67, of Maryland, pleaded guilty in US District Court […]


Strategy to ‘suffocate’ Gaza strip revealed in Israeli govt docs from Six Day War

By ethan / November 19, 2017

Israel has released declassified documents from after the Six Day War which reveal the government’s plans to starve Gaza and its controversial plans to deal with the Palestinians. The declassified documents were released on the Israel State Archives on Thursday and include hundreds of pages of minutes from cabinet meetings between August and December 1967, […]


Nearly 3,000 govt docs found on top Clinton adviser’s domestic laptop

By ethan / October 18, 2017

The State Department admitted the FBI discovered nearly 3,000 government documents on a laptop belonging to the ex-husband of Hillary Clinton’s top adviser, Huma Abedin, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch said. The revelation was in response to a May 2015 lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch against the State Department after it failed to respond to […]

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