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All change? Russians divided over expectations following presidential vote

By ethan / April 2, 2018

Almost half of all Russians expect major national changes within the next year, following the March presidential election. The overwhelming majority of those expecting changes said they would be for the better. According to the results of a recent poll by the state-run research center VTSIOM, 45 percent of Russians “expect significant changes in the […]


Trump’s America: weaker, divided & losing international prestige – Chomsky to RT

By ethan / March 2, 2018

While its military and economic clout still knows no competition, the world is no longer America’s playground; and with Trump’s isolationist and aggressive stance, the US surrenders positions internationally, Noam Chomsky told RT. In an interview with RT Spanish’s “Conversation with Correa” host and Ecuador’s former President Rafael Correa, renowned American philosopher and political scientist […]


Russian society divided over ‘Death of Stalin’ film ban, poll shows

By ethan / February 19, 2018

The people of Russia seem ambivalent about the recent banning of the dark British comedy “The Death of Stalin,” with about a third of respondents supporting the move, about another third opposing and the rest having no opinion. According to the results of a research conducted by the state-run All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Research […]


False alarm fallout: Hawaii lawmakers divided over missile early warning system

By ethan / January 18, 2018

Hawaiian Senator Brian Schatz says his state will work on revamping its early-warning protocols in the wake of Saturday’s chaotic ballistic missile warning. Officials took more than 35 minutes to cancel the alert sent to mobile devices warning of an incoming missile – a lag that has revealed deep dysfunction in both state and federal […]


Hug it out? Americans divided over sexual harassment standards – poll

By ethan / December 28, 2017

A new poll reveals that Americans do not agree on whether a “non-consensual hug” should be considered sexual harassment. Seven other hypothetical situations were also put before people to determine what was appropriate or not. The majority of Americans agree that non-consensual groping or kissing should be considered sexual harassment, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll […]


Gaddafi’s son Saif seeks power in divided Libya despite no apparent power base

By ethan / December 18, 2017

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, is seeking to become head of state. A family spokesman said he will run in the 2018 presidential election – a ballot that is far from certain to take place. Speaking to Egypt Today, the spokesman, Basem al-Hashimi al-Soul, said Saif Gaddafi “enjoys the […]

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