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Sexist AI: Amazon ditches recruitment tool that turned out to be anti-women

By ethan / October 10, 2018

It was supposed to make finding the right person for the job easier. However, an AI tool developed by Amazon to sift through potential hires has been dropped by the firm after developers found it was biased against picking women. From pricing items to warehouse coordination, automation has been a key part of Amazon’s rise […]


Crimea ditches Visa & MasterCard in favor of Russian national payment system

By ethan / August 15, 2018

US payment systems Visa and MasterCard are no longer present on Russia’s Crimean Peninsula. The republic’s largest bank has finished the procedure of switching all plastic cards to Russia’s Mir payment system. “On August 14, the process of replacing Visa and MasterCard plastic cards in favour of the Mir payment system has ended. Visa and […]


Twitter in shambles as Miss America ditches bikini

By ethan / June 5, 2018

The Miss America beauty pageant, conceived a century ago as a bathing suit contest, has caused uproar after saying it’s ditching the iconic bikini contest. Instead of “physical appearance” it’ll judge the candidates by their wits. “We are no longer a pageant, we are a competition,” Gretchen Carlson, the chairwoman of the board of trustees […]


China’s petro-yuan ‘thundering into action’ as Iran ditches US dollar in oil trade

By ethan / May 14, 2018

Washington’s renewed sanctions on Tehran supports China’s newly established oil futures, analysts say. The sanctions can make the yuan a more preferable currency than the dollar on the oil market. Since their launch in May, the interest in the renminbi-backed oil contracts has steadily surged. Traded daily volumes hit a record 250,000 lots last Wednesday, […]


Ousted Uber co-founder ditches shares for $1.4bn bonanza

By ethan / January 19, 2018

Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick, sidelined after several controversies at the company, has diluted his share power in a bid to bolster his billionaire status. The former Uber CEO, who last year stepped down from his position due to mounting pressure from investors, has reportedly sold one third of his stock in a share deal involving […]


UKIP leader ditches lover over baby rape jokes, Meghan Markle racial abuse

By ethan / January 15, 2018

UKIP leader Henry Bolton has dumped the model lover he left his wife for, just days after it emerged she sent racist texts about Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle and joked about baby rape, according to reports. Party insiders say Bolton was told to end the relationship or quit from the top of the right-wing […]


New York subway ditches ‘ladies and gentlemen’ for gender neutral announcements

By ethan / November 11, 2017

Published time: 11 Nov, 2017 20:58 New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is replacing all “ladies and gentleman” references in its announcements with gender-neutral phrases. Passengers on New York’s subway and buses will now hear terms such as “passengers,”“everyone,” and “riders” in announcements and pre-recorded messages. “We’re fundamentally changing the way we talk with riders […]

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