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US dollar completely ditched in trade between Iran & Iraq – official

By ethan / September 2, 2018

The US dollar is no longer used by Tehran and Baghdad in bilateral trade, giving way to the euro and local currencies, as well as direct barter of goods, head of the Iran-Iraq Chamber of Commerce Yahya Ale-Eshagh has revealed. “[The] US dollar has been removed from the list of currencies used by Iran and […]


EU wants to 'replace' US after it ditched Iran nuclear deal. But can it?

By ethan / May 11, 2018

Europe needs to replace the US as the world leader as Washington is no longer fits this role, the EU Commission head said following Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Whether the EU can do it is another matter. “At this point, we have to replace the United States which as an international […]


No grand mosque in Helsinki: Bahrain-funded proposal ditched by authorities

By ethan / December 15, 2017

Authorities in Helsinki have denied a Muslim foundation permission to secure land for a grand mosque in the city, expressing concern about the funding of the project – which would have come from the Gulf Kingdom of Bahrain. The Oasis Center, which was to be located in an old industrial area, would have had room […]

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