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Poster encouraging parents to shoot rabid children gets feature in UK govt. magazine

By ethan / July 21, 2018

The readers of Civil Service Quarterly were likely puzzled when they saw an article illustrated by a hoax poster advising parents to kill children who contract rabies. The poster creators meanwhile reported a copyright breach. The latest edition of the Civil Service Quarterly, published by the UK government, has some unsettling illustrations in it. One […]


Keep calm and… count butterflies, says David Attenborough amid Brexit ‘squabbles’

By ethan / July 20, 2018

As the Tory government risks a full-blown crisis over its Brexit disagreements, wildlife broadcaster David Attenborough has called on the public to “turn their mind away” from such “squabbles” and… count butterflies. The process of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU has so far been absolute chaos, as the PM scraped through her Brexit blueprint […]


Home Secretary under fire for suggesting Corbyn has ‘a problem with Jews’

By ethan / July 19, 2018

Home Secretary Sajid Javid is being accused of defaming Jeremy Corbyn as he seemed to imply the Labour leader is a Holocaust denier. People are calling for the opposition leader to sue the cabinet minister over his comments. Javid is facing a barrage of criticism online after he asked a Twitter user how he could […]


Trans rights and feminist groups in row over changes to UK’s Gender Recognition Act

By ethan / July 19, 2018

Proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) which would make transitioning from one gender to another easier have put feminist groups at odds with transgender rights organizations across Britain. Current law requires a doctor’s diagnosis of gender dysphoria and that the person has lived as their preferred gender for two years and has been […]

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